About Me

I'm a creative professional who helps other people build everything from Businesses and assets to rigs and props. From a young age, I’ve loved building all sorts of things and being involved in projects from an early stage, if not starting a project myself.

In all of my years starting and running businesses, I’ve become quite skilled at designing, planning and researching each element of a successful business. While I was the CEO of a multimillion dollar construction company, I used all three of those skills to close a $2.8 million dollar sale. But I realized that waiting for client approval and making changes just so board members could feel like they had a say, didn’t  make me happy. You have to move fast and break things to get anywhere and I really value creativity and the flexibility to grow in whatever way I need to complete a project, because the project and the skills I build are what’s important to me.

My skill set is particularly useful for rapidly prototyping and building MVPs to test new business models. Those skills paired with my ability to research, design and plan strategic elements for commerce, brand building and creating unique experiences make understanding complex business models and breaking them down into pivot points quite easy.

Most of what I do is building things to be bigger and better, while staying one step ahead of the competition.


  • Owner of company with over $50,000 in assets, with no outside investments at 16.
  • CEO of a multimillion dollar company at 21.
  • Managed a sales funnel worth over $36 million.
  • Closed a $2.8 million sale.

Industries I'd like to explore:

Residential Construction

I have a background in modular construction and disruptive building techniques.

Food Production

Particularly the growth of fruits and vegetables indoors.

Road Maintenance & Construction

Living in Canada has made me curious about better ways to pave roads and maintain them.

All Natural Products

I have a family and believe very strongly that these products are important in a lot of ways.

Subscription based products

The strategic element of gaining and keeping subscribers is what most interests me, but the branding and design of the packaging and experience is also very important to me.

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